War’s curse (English translation of “ኣበሳ ኲናት”)

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​On the occasion of International Translation Day, PEN International selected the award winning poem of Amanuel Asrat “ኣበሳ ኲናት” to be translated into many languages. So far it has been translated into eight major world languages and the translations will follow, but here is the English translation of the original by Tedros Abraham in collaboration with American poet and translator, David Shook:

PEN Center USA is calling for translations of  The Scourge of War by imprisoned Eritrean editor-in-chief and award-winning poet, Amanuel Asrat, into different world languages.

Leading up to the 81st PEN International Congress, PEN USA and other Centers across the world are collecting many translations of this poem and Amanuel Asrat will occupy one of the Empty Chairs this year.

Click here to read the translation of War’s Curse.



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