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Pen International Oral Statement on Freedom of Expression in Eritrea

UN Human Rights Council 35th Special Session Item 4: Human rights situations that require the Council’s attention Delivered by Sarah Clarke, PEN International 14 June 2017 Mr President, PEN International remains deeply concerned by the severe restrictions on freedom of expression in Eritrea, which in 2017 continues to be one of the worst jailers of

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Eritrean Filmmaker Tesfit Abraha speaks out about State repression

By Yonatan Tewelde* Eritrean filmmaker Tesfit Abraha has spoken out about the repressive apparatus at the Eritrean Ministry of Information where he has worked as a cameraman for 15 years in an interview he gave to Radio Wegahta. Tesfit  has made a name for himself in the Eritrean art circles as the writer, director and cameraman

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