Democracy according to Eritrea’s Afwerki, then and now

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“On the 27th anniversary of Eritrea’s independence, Isaias Afwerki should remember what he once said about democracy.” featured by Abraham Zere on Aljazeera.


Today marks the 27th anniversary of Eritrea’s independence, hard-won after a 30-year war with Ethiopia. On this day, as we rightfully celebrate, we should also reflect on the overall state of the country. To do this, there is no better way than looking back to a landmark speech Eritrea’s first and only president, Isaias Afwerki, gave over two decades ago.

On September 8, 1997, in a public address at the Walton Park Conference in West Sussex, England, President Afwerki delivered profound remarks on democracy and the rule of law in a speech titled “Democracy in Africa: an African view.”

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