Eritrea: a muzzled state

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Sixteen years on from the crackdown on dissent in Eritrea, English PEN is proud to launch a special report by writer-in-residence Eyob Teklay Ghilazghy

Eritrea: a muzzled state

(Exceprted from English Pen)

“Today marks the sixteen-year anniversary of the crackdown on dissent in Eritrea, in which twelve journalists were arrested for their free expression work. Sixteen years later the whereabouts of the detained journalists remains unknown and freedom of expression continues to be severely repressed.

To mark the anniversary, English PEN is proud to publish ‘Eritrea: a muzzled state’, a report by Eyob Teklay Ghilazghy, secretary of PEN Eritrea and our former writer-in-residence in partnership with ARTICLE 19, the Committee to Protect Journalists, Free Word and PEN International. The report offers a chilling insight into the situation on the ground in Eritrea and urges the international community to come together in order to implement real change.”

Click here to view/ download the full report.

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