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ካልእ ስለ ዘየሎ – ብመንጽር ጥበብ ጽውያ ዛንታ

ብኣኸድር ኣሕመዲን* 23 ለካቲት 2020 ካልእ ስለ ዘየሎ፤ ሓጸርቲ ዛንታታት  ብኣብርሃም ተስፋልኡል ዘርአ፤  ኣሕታሚ እምኵሉ – ሽወደን (2020)፤ 188 ገጻት $20                                           እዞም ኣብዚ መጽሓፍ’ዚ ተሓቚፎም ዝርከቡ 16 ሓጸርቲ ዛንታታት ኣብ ናብራ ወይ ህይወት፡ ስደት፡ ኲናት፡

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Unfolding Conversation with Seyoum Tsehaye: Reminiscences of War and Archiving Missions

Eritrea’s iconic photojournalist, former freedom fighter and first director of the state TV, Eri-TV, Seyoum Tsehaye is one the 16 journalists languishing in Eritrea’s infamous detention centers. Seyoum had solo photograph exhibition in 1997 in Asmara. Following the exhibition, Arts Lens magazine (now out of print) interviewed him. JJ Noalwi from Asmara has sent us

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