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In collaboration with PEN Eritrea, PEN Sweden’s Dissident Blog devoted a special issue (16) to the state of the media in Eritrea and Ethiopia.

Click here to read the following articles in The Dissident Blog

1. “The culture is in the hands of those who toe the line” by Abraham T. Zere.

2. “You can’t wake up someone who pretends to be asleep”—about Eritrea’s future. An interview with former chief editor of Setit, Aaron Berhane.

3. “Underground journalism in Eritrea” by Stefanos Temolso.

4. “The struggle is between the power of politics and the power of information” by Tesfalem Habte.

5. “The price of being a journalist in Eritrea” by Mussie Hadgu.

6. “My Eritrea” poem by Haile Bizen.

7. “Soon five thousand days in prison” by Esayas Isaak, Dawit Issak’s brother.

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