Eritrean refugee children waiting in a que for food


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A poem by Tesfaldet Gheberehiwet


Not free, No Glee

I Flee, then plea

Roam in Search of safety plus merry

I Beg to quench my thirst, desire and secure my vitality.

But I was only Camped, Rationed

Then Ignored, Insulted, left desperate and disturbed,

I was trafficked, smuggled, tortured, and abused

Till this day, I am longing for safe shelter

However fearful of being repatriated.

When humans stopped being humane

The exodus, the influx sustain

Still, with the status of the crisis

I am looking for peace to embrace.

This is me, as others are

Fled from war but still at war

Human – treated with absurdity

Refugee scapegoat of the greedy.


       Tesfaldet Gheberehiwet


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