PEN Eritrea was officially recognized as a center at the 80th PEN International Congress in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan on 1 October 2014. The center joins a global network of writers in over 100 countries across the globe who campaign to promote literature and defend freedom of expression. Due to the extremely repressive political climate in Eritrea, the center is being founded in exile. It aims to serve as an umbrella for widely dispersed Eritrean writers and journalists who have been targeted by the Eritrean government for their writings. Serving as point of contact between the most inaccessible country and the international body, PEN Eritrea also works to promote the cases of journalists languishing incommunicado.


PEN Eritrea Board Members & Executive Committee

The Charter of PEN Eritrea


Any journalist, columnist, blogger, researcher, essayist, editor, poet, novelist, screen writer, playwright, satirist, and other artists regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, region, economic status and political views but committed to the values and principles of the Organization is eligible for membership. The Board Committee is vested with the power to make membership decisions, based on personal contribution, commitment, professionalism, discipline and willingness to abide by the rules, ethics and values of the Organization. Every applicant for membership must apply to the organization, and must comply with the criteria for membership established by the Board Committee, within the principles stated in this document.

If you have further questions regarding application or want to apply for membership please email to Info@peneritrea.com

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