Month: October 2019

ኣሕታሚ እምኩሉ ኣርባዕተ ሓደስቲ መጽሓፍቲ ኣመሪቑ

(ስቶክሆልም–28 ጥቅምቲ 2019) ብኣብ ቀረባ እዋን ኣብ ሃገር ሽወደን ተመዝጊቡ᎓ ንኣብ ስደት ዝምዕብል ዘሎ ገስጋስ ስነ-ጽሑፍ ድርኺት ንምዃን ንጥፈታቱ ዝጅምር ዘሎ ኣሕታሚ እምኩሉ ዝተሓትማ ኣርባዕተ መጽሓፍቲ ብቐዳም ዕለት 26 ጥቅምቲ ኣብ ዘምሰየ ጽንብል ናብ ኣንባብቲ ተዘርጊሐን ። ኣብቲ ኣብ ሰዓታት ድሕሪ ቀትሪ ኣብ ቤት መግቢን መስተን ባህሊና–ስቶክሆልም–ዝተኻየደ ናይ መመረቕታ ጽንብል ናብ ኣንበብቲ ዝበጽሓ መጽሓፍቲ ፍቕሪ

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Life as an Eritrean journalist

Last month, the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) declared that Eritrea is the world’s most censored country, worse even than North Korea or Turkmenistan. Their survey highlights the fact that independent media was banned in 2001; that at least 16 Eritrean journalists are behind bars, making the government the worst jailer of journalists in sub-Saharan

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PEN Eritrea conducts writers’ workshops in Cairo and Kampala

PEN Eritrea conducted workshops to Eritrean refugee writers in Cairo and Kampala from 17th -21st of September and from 30th of September to the 1st of October, respectively. More than 45 participants —collectively – took part in the workshops. The sessions were offered as part of PEN Eritrea’s Breaking the Silence project which is implemented

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