Month: May 2019

This International Women’s Day, meet five writers who are changing the rules

“PEN is building on the Manifesto this year by highlighting the work of five women writers and activists who have been on the forefront of literature and free expression across the world. PEN is proud to highlight:” “Yirgalem Fisseha Mebrahtu, an Eritrean poet, journalist and writer. After the government closed all independent media in 2001,

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Book Review: Kab Rix’ Ḥǝfnti (ካብ ሪቕ ሕፍንቲ): A Memoir by Tekie Beyene

Abraham T. Zere Kab Rix’ Ḥǝfnti (ካብ ሪቕ ሕፍንቲ): A Memoir by Tekie Beyene. Asmara, Hidri Publishers, 2009. 286 Kab Rix’ Ḥǝfnti, a memoir written in Tigrinya, breaks new ground in the annals of Eritrean literature not only for the style it adopts but also for its treatment of the independence struggle through personal experience.

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