Month: March 2019

‘Becoming a writer is an offense in the eyes of the regime’ an interview with Yirgalem Fisseha Mebrahtu

Yirgalem Fisseha Mebrhatu is a household name in Eritrea. Arguably one of Eritrea’s finest women poets, a radio presenter, and short story writer, she also suffered six years of arbitrary arrest in the country’s most notorious military prison, a fate many Eritrean writers share because of their profession. In February 2009, the educational radio station,

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መጽሓፍ ባህጊ–ባህጊ ንትንሳኤ ስነ-ጽሑፍ ሰናይ መፈለምታን

ባህጊ ብተስፋጊዮርጊስ ሃብተ፣ ኣሕታሚ እምኩሉ፣ ዓመተ ሕትመት 2019፣ ዋጋ $19.75 ብተስፋጊዮርጊስ ሃብተ ተደሪሳ ብኣሕታሚ እምኩሉ እትዝርጋሕ ዘላ ልብ-ወለዳዊት መጽሓፍ ባህጊ᎓ ኣንፈት ንሰናይ ትንሳኤ ነቲ ኣብ ምንቍልቋል ዝርከብ ሕትመት መጽሓፍቲ (ብቐንዱ ከኣ ናይ ኤርትራ)፣ ትስፉው ጠመተ ነቲ ኣብ ስደት እግሪ ብዘይተኸሉ ጸሓፍቲ ዝካይደ ዘሎ ምብርባር ስነ-ጽሑፍ ኤርትራ፣ ብቐንዱ ከኣ ዓቢ ሰነድ ነቲ ብሰንኪ ሕሱም መድሃኽቲ ምልኪ

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