Month: April 2018

መን ረኺቡኒ?

ጋኔንዶ`ታ ረኺቡኒ ጋኔን ጎዱፍ ክሳደይ ጓዕጺጹ መልሓሰይ ዝዓጽፍ። ጋኔንዶ`ታ ረኺቡኒ ጋኔን ቅርዓት ጎረርኡ ከጥልል ብንብዓት ኣብ ርእሰይ ዘዝንብ እልቢ መዓት ጋኔንዶ`ታ ረኺቡኒ ጋኔን ናይ በረኻ እዘን መሓውረይ ዝተሓላለኻ ጋኔንዶ`ታ ረኺቡኒ ናይ ቀላቕል ገፍ ዘበለኒ ሕልፍ ክብል ጋኔንዶ`ታ ረኺቡኒ ጋኔን ፍርቂ ለይቲ ተንከስ`ኳ ዘይበልኩ ኣብ`ቲ ሰዓት`ቲ! ጋኔንሲ ረኺቡኒ`ሎ እቲ ዝገነነ ልዕሊ ኣጋንንቲ ስልጣን ዝደኮነ ጉዳየይ ቋጺርዋ

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Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission, US Congress Conducts a Hearing on Eritrea

Tedros Abraham* Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission of the United States Congress (TLHRC) conducted a public hearing under the title: “Eritrea: Root Causes of the Refugee Crisis” in Washington DC on April 18, 2018. PEN Eritrea’s Executive Director, Abraham T. Zere was one of the four witnesses who testified at the hearing. The event was

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