Month: June 2015

PEN Eritrea Advisory Council and Executive Committee

PEN Eritrea Advisory Council and Executive Committee Advisory Council Haile Bizen, President (Poet and Journalist) Daniel R. Mekonnen, Member (Author, translator, and human-rights lawyer) Saba Kidane, Member (Poet and Journalist) Executive Committee Abraham T. Zere: Executive Director and Chief-Editor (Former columnist in the national newspaper, Hadas Eritra; editor in Hdri Publishers; chaired the yearly national

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Dawit Isaak

Dawit Issak is Eritrean-Swedish poet, journalist, dramatist who was co-owner of the first private newspaper Setit. Dawit was taken to prison in September 2001 along other colleagues and editors of the private newspapers banned then. The following is what his brother wrote on his 5000 days behind the bars. It has been published in Swedish Dissident Blog.

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